About us

We are a Finnish clarinet-viola-piano trio, founded in 2021 by Miska Matero (clarinet), Veikko Marjamäki (viola) and Kalle Peura (piano). Though Finnish by origin, PAUHA is a most cosmopolitan lineup with Kalle active in Dublin and Veikko in Stockholm. Our "maiden voyage" was an extensive tour of Northern Finland during August 2022. We strive to perform both old and new repertoire, and look forward to working with young composers and premiering new music in every new project. In 2022 we had the privilege to premiere a new trio by the up and coming Finnish composer Elisar Riddelin. In 2023 we look forward to premiering a new trio written for us by Finnish composer Sophia Chambon.

Something old, something new and something forgotten is our motto.